Ryan began martial arts at the age of 9. He was coached by Tim Kirby and world class kickboxing champ Billye "Jack" Jackson at Sumbelt Karate. It was there he met a young Guy Mezger who was always willing to help the children in the karate program.

He was competitive as an amateur boxer and kickboxer. Ryan is passionate about kickboxing and Muay Thai. He continues to develop his standup skills both to stay in shape and to become a more well rounded coach. He also studies submission grappling and Judo from his colleagues at Combat Sports Club.

He began working as a professional trainer while studying at the University of North Texas where he earned a BFA. He has also worked in the US Virgin Islands as a divemaster. In his spare time he enjoys being with his family and his son, Cruz.


  • 3rd Deg. Black Belt
  • Combat Sports Club Kickboxing Team Member
  • Texas Karate Team Member
  • Undefeated Kickboxer
  • 25 years of Martial Arts
  • Karate/Kickboxing/Boxing - Private Instructor